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The shop

In the 1960s Mallorca experienced a great economic boom through tourism. Much of the population, up until that point mostly craftsmen, fishermen and peasants, increasingly turned their economic activity towards this new and more lucrative model, and In 1965 Isabel Jofre founded the "Auba" store in Puerto Andratx -the first store in the area devoted exclusively to selling artisan crafts of Balearic manufacture.

The store, which changed its name to "Isabel" and then to "AV29", has been run by three consecutive generations of the same family until this day, when we decided to engage also in e-commerce, providing our old and new customers with the service they require even when they are far away from our beautiful island.

As a family business we continue to offer the direct and personal service we are known for, being at your disposal for any questions, feedback or suggestions you might have regarding our merchandise.